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Take control of your
grownup-y essentials.

(Just one thing at a time — you got this.)

A short, actionable course
to help you take care of 7 basic life tasks... know, the things you keep meaning to do
to calm the chaos in your life.

I'm so happy Tsh is in my life. It's a gift to be able to deliver tough love with a kind heart, and I'm grateful to have just such a person to answer my questions and walk me through quandaries, about simple living, or anything else.

Anne Bogel

Modern Mrs. Darcy and author of Reading People


Find the motivation you’re desperate for


Roll up your sleeves and focus until it’s done


Finally get a handle on life’s fundamentals

Let’s face it—you already mostly know what to do—you just need to do it. It's not that you don’t care, or actually want clutter, or love not knowing where your money goes.

You want control over those things, there’s just too many things to deal with it all at once.

The Essentials gives you action-oriented encouragement to focus on just ONE thing at a time.

And it's only $37.

What You’ll Get

The Essentials gives you permission to focus on one bedrock basic task at a time. These are the adulting things that make the rest of your life run smoother. Take care of these, and you’ll find time to focus on the other stuff you actually care about.

Project 1: Get rid of 100 things—start the declutter train

Project 2: Design life-giving morning and evening rituals

Project 3: Find an easy menu planning formula that works

Project 4: Create a simple, zero-based monthly budget

Project 5: Conquer the paper monster

Project 6: Organize your avalanche of photos

Project 7: Establish a useful, do-able calendar system

The course’s format includes 9 short videos, the audio versions if you prefer to listen as you work, and a 35-page workbook as the primary tool to help you accomplish your projects.

✔︎ Multimedia format  ✔︎ Learn on any device  ✔︎ Move at your own pace

Bonus #1:

The Essentials in e-book format—read along as you take the class, or enjoy it afterwards as a refresher

Bonus #2:

Spend Your Days: How to Control Time With Rocks, Bullets, Chisels, & a Boat, Tsh’s popular e-book on making the most of your finite time

Tsh has been pivotal in how I’m intentional about my life. Her wealth of generous encouragement over the past decade means taking this course is a no-brainer.

Myquillyn Smith

The Nester and author of The Nesting Place

The Essentials is for you if:


You feel overwhelmed by the basic tasks you already know you should do


You need encouraging motivation to focus on one project at a time until it’s done


You want to tackle things beyond the basics—but not until you’ve solidified the essentials


You like using a workbook to plan details


You’re also open to trying simple digital tools to streamline the basics

It’s not for you if:


You’re caught up on clutter, you’ve established a budget that works, or your digital photos are already curated


You don’t struggle with overwhelm


You usually start and end your days just how you want


You’re looking for specific, just-for-you advice from Tsh

How it Works

The Essentials is a self-paced online video course—you control when you start and finish. After you enroll in the course, you’ll have access to work through the sessions at your own pace from your computer or mobile device.

You’ll be able to visit the content for as long as the course exists—whenever you need a refresher, retaking the class will be like hitting the reset button.

It's only $37 - half the cost of a massage, and you'll repeat the benefits again and again, since you have forever access for the life of the course!

Enroll now, and finally take control of your life’s essentials.

I’m Tsh Oxenreider, a writer, wife, and mom. I created the Essentials as a reset button for me—I needed a refresher on the basics when my own life felt nuts.

In the same way I first created The Art of Simple when I moved overseas and learned how to simplify, I like to design systems that work for me—and then share them with you.

I love my work as a writer and podcaster, but I’m still a busy mom with a household full of noise, occasional mess, and tons of heart. The Essentials gives me the permission slip I need to make sure our foundational systems are in working order.

Whenever I need to re-evaluate what I value most, I turn to Tsh Oxenreider. I deeply appreciate her perspective on most everything, from living with intention to creating work that matters. She is always a kind and trustworthy companion for any journey.

Emily P. Freeman

author of Simply Tuesday

100% Risk-Free!

The Essentials comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have instant access to the entire course once you finish your registration, and if you're not satisfied, write to us within 7 days of your enrollment. We'll offer you a refund; all we ask is that you let us know why you’re not satisfied so that we can continue to improve.


Do I have to take the course within a set time?
Not at all. Take The Essentials whenever you want—start and stop however it fits in your life. It’s completely self-paced.
How is it delivered?
Tsh encourages you through video, but you can also download the audio and take it with you, like a podcast. Each lesson is also transcribed into an e-book, if you prefer to read. The workbook is a downloadable + printable PDF.
How long will it take for me to finish the course?
Because it’s self-paced, and because you get instant access to the entire course from the starting gate, The Essentials can literally be as fast or as slow as you want. The real time investment lies in accomplishing your projects in real life. You could devote a couple hours and complete one project per week, finishing in about seven weeks. Or, you could take an empty week to take The Essentials and fully dive into the 7 projects over 7 days (some naturally take longer in real-time, like establishing a morning rhythm). The videos are around 5 minutes each, so they’re easy to watch in small bites.
Now’s not a good time for me to take the course. Can I enroll later?
You're welcome to focus on The Essentials whenever it works best for you, so snag it now and start whenever you’re ready! The enrollment fee will go up at some point, so get it at a great price now.
Would you rather control space or time?
Space—I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to Italy for lunch, Thailand for dinner, and the moon when it’s time to exercise?